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ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select Adult Dry Cat Food 2kg

Complete dietetic feed for adult cats Recommended for cases of: •Azotaemic Chronic Kidney Disease (IRIS stage 2* to stage 4) • Chronic Kidney Disease with proteinuria (IRIS stage 1 to 4) • Management of calcium oxalate urolith recurrence in cats with impaired renal function • Prevention of recurrence of urolithiasis requiring urine alkalinisation: urate and cystine uroliths / not recommeneded in cases of • Growth, gestation/lactation *Renal diets are recommended for cats in advaced stages of CKD (stages 2-4). Early Renal may be suitable for cats early in stage 2, under veterinary recommendation.

Royal Canin Cat Anallergenic 4kg

ANALLERGENIC is a complete dietetic feed for cats formulated to reduce ingredient and nutrient intolerances.

Royal Canin Cat Dental S/O 1.5kg

To aid in prevention of dental disease in cats.

Royal Canin Cat Dental S/O 3kg

To aid in prevention of dental disease in cats.

Royal Canin Cat Gastro Intestinal Fibre Response 4kg

This diet is for cats with diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, bacterial overgrowth and maldigestion/malabsorbtion.

ROYAL CANIN® Feline Urinary S/O Moderate Calorie Adult Dry Cat Food 3.5kg

Complete dietetic feed for adult cats. RECOMMENDED FOR CATS WITH TENDENCY TO BE OVERWEIGHT IN CASES OF: • Struvite uroliths: dissolution and management of recurrence • Calcium oxalate uroliths: management of recurrence / NOT RECOMMENDED IN CASE OF: • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) • Heart disease (when sodium restriction is sought) • Concurrent use of urine-acidifying medication • Growth, gestation/lactation